Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Up & Coming

The team is currently scheduling meetings to decide on some key factors in the next few weeks. Places to go to, bringing on a few new members, coordinating efforts, team photo shoot, etc. Stay tuned for more as we get to it.

We are also working on a few public investigations where we can take along a few curious people for the ride. If you are interested in tagging along with Scream Paranormal Research, drop us an email. We are currently looking into Eastern State Penitentiary, Burlington County Prison, Fort Mifflin, and possibly Gettysburg, PA.

We are also looking for residential investigations at this time. If you know of a location or someone that would like for us to conduct a FREE investigation within the tri-state area, let us know.

Email: scream21431@comcast.net

Oh yeah... Almost forgot... Brand spankin' new business cards!

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