Friday, August 09, 2013

MidSouth 2013

We had the best time at MidSouth Paranormal Convention this year. We would like to thank Keith Age and everyone who was in attendance that made our first visit to Kentucky so special. You all ROCK!

So, we also stopped by Waverly Hills Sanatorium while we were down there. Interesting place. We have a ton of video to go over and verify, but... Looks like we may have caught something extremely crazy on video. Holy Grail? Maybe...

Another thing to point out is that all of the team members have been experiencing odd electronic device issues such as cell phones not turning on, DVD players turning on by themselves, car stereos turning on by themselves... and even a motion sensor sink in a bathroom turning on by itself as well. Coincidence? Who knows...

UPDATE: On a side note, the first time we published this blog post, it did not stay up. We had to re-do the publish on this post. Strange, huh?

Photo time!