Monday, June 18, 2012

Recap from the NY Paranormal Expo 2012 in Moravia, NY

We had a blast at the NY Paranormal Expo 2012 in Moravia, NY this past weekend. We made some great new friends and encountered some familiar faces as well.

We had to cut out a bit earlier then we liked to, but something had come up that needed immediate attention and could not be postponed. We feel as though we completed what we set out to do that weekend, so we made the judgement call.

The main focus of the expo was for Bryona Wiler. A brave young girl living with cystic fibrosis. when we heard of the event, we knew we had to be apart of helping her with her battle. We brought a couple of cool things to share with her and have dedicated ourselves to helping in the future as well. Just because the benefit expo is over does not mean we walk away leaving her behind to fight alone. Stay tuned here for more on how you can help her as well.

We would like to thank Lorna for giving us the opportunity to help Bryona and be a apart of this outstanding event.

Ok... it's picture time!

Steven manning the table.

Lorna and Chris.

This dude was the raffle ticket king!

Erick and Chris.

These lectures were awesome!

It's Russ!

Audio/Visual dude Adam.

Erick and Sean. Say "cheez-it"!

Chris forgot his razor that weekend.

Awesome team photo by Tina Storer.

Late night investigation hangin' with Chris Conlon and the "Baby".

Bryona Wiler with the team.

Chris and Tina from PXP.

Teams presenting Bryona with love and support.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scream Paranormal Research investigates the Raven Lounge, Philadelphia, PA

In this NEW webisode, the Scream Paranormal Research team experiences some crazy occurrences while investigating the Raven Lounge in Philadelphia, PA. Reports of physical encounters heightens the team's curiosity in this 2 part websiode series.