Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bolton Mansion Paranormal Expo

Bolton Mansion. Awesome location in Levittown, PA. This past weekend, the Bolton Mansion had a paranormal expo that was great fun. If you couldn't make it out, maybe you can next year. I am sure this event location is going to get bigger and bigger every year.

We met so many great new friends this past weekend. It was sad to see the weekend end. Nothing is more fun than talk paranormal all day with other teams and attendees.

We were amazed by alot of the stories we had heard at the event. Quite a few attendees had interesting stories to share with us. We even had a few home owners mention they would like to see us come in and investigate. As always, we will be following up with each and every one of them.

An interesting situation occurred while we were there as well. A young attendee had said she sensed the suicide hanging that took place there and became rather upset. Cathy and Chris immediately went to the location to check it out. Upon arriving, Cathy and Chris had heard what sounded to be a disembodied voice of some kind. Without a recorder running though, it was hard to validate. However, they were able to snap a few photos that had what appeared to be light anomalies of some sort. A few people had stated that the light streaks appear to look like rope.

Here are a few more photos from the event:

Special thanks goes out to Florence and everyone at the event that gave us a hand with everything. You were AWESOME! Looking forward to seeing you soon!