Monday, March 25, 2013

Phenomenology 105 Recap!

Phenomenology 105. What can we say about this event that hasn't been said a million times over since the weekend. This event ROCKED HARD! Junior ghost hunt, zombie prom, paranormal everything! Dana Wingerd, Chris Wingerd, and NEPI put on one helluva para party! So looking forward to next year!!!

Our memories in photos:

Gary and Chris.
Megan... texting.... again...
Heidy and Megan.
Chris freaks out a waitress.
Steady now...
Gettysburg, PA
Heidy chillin'.
We love our cellphones!
Chris made a new friend...
Ummm. Ok...
Steven and Chris.
Steven creeping...
Such a creeper...
OH NOEZ! It's Michael Myers!!!

 Steven chowing down a sundae at Lincoln Diner.
 Ricky and Gary.

Steven the Zombie!
 Megan and Heidy Zombified!
Chris, Gary and Ricky did not dress up for zombie prom. They put together this little video here:

So... what is our next major event for 2013? We have a bunch... Look below and stay tuned for more!