Monday, January 23, 2012

NEW Webisode - Residential Investigation

Every so often, we run across a residential haunting that proves itself to be quite interesting.

The team had been approached by the homeowners to try and give them answers to activity happening in their home. The owners experienced shadow movement, the kitchen faucet turning on by itself, plates coming out of the cupboard, closet door handles shaking, doors opening by themselves, disembodied voices, and items being tossed out from the closet onto the floor(this had happened immediately after the second investigation while the team was in the home).

After conducting an initial investigation of the property, the team immediately started experiencing activity in their daily lives:

  1. Any phone call between team members or to the client discussing the case was disconnected during the conversation.

  2. The homes of the team members experienced other weird occurrences as well. Lights and toys had turned on by themselves without logical explanation or previous issue.

It was decided to bring in world renown medium Nini Grace to assist with validating some of the experiences that the family and team were having, and provide insight to who/what was residing in the home with the family.

With the owners permission, we present to you some of our documented video experiences that occurred during these investigations.

As always, please use good isolation headphones if you have them.

Webisode Video

EVP Video

We are currently working on other new and excited webisodes to share with you. Stay tuned for more soon!