Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Up & Coming

We have quite a few things on our plate right now, and our busy season hasn't even started yet.

Some of the up & coming things happening:

1) Many people have emailed us about when we were going to do another webisode of one of our investigations. We are currently putting together a few ideas at the moment and should have a new full length video episode by end of August. Thanks for being incredibly patient. You can view our current YouTube video channel HERE.

2) We will be on Para Quest Radio Network with Dan Guthrie on Sunday, August 14th at 10pm. You don't want to miss this one.

3) We will also be on Para X Radio with Dave Jones and John Zaffis on Sunday, August 21st at 8pm. We will talking paranormal and be giving away 2 tickets to the Shanley Hotel event on Saturday, Sept. 10th, 2011. Don't miss out on a chance for the last tickets!

4) On Saturday, October 8th, 2011, Scream Paranormal Research will be conducting a lecture at the famously haunted Fort Mifflin. Please join us as we go over techniques and equipment used in the field of paranormal investigating. We will also have a table to 'meet and greet' and be investigating the Fort later that night as well.

5) October is approaching FAST. We are currently setting up a few 'meet and greets' at some of the scariest haunted attractions this 2011 season. One of the creepiest places we are scheduled to appear is at Jason's Woods on Saturday, Oct. 1st, 2011. We are also scheduling up Burlington County Prison for Oct. 15th and 22nd at the infamous Haunted Prison in Mount Holly, NJ.

6) The Shanley Hotel investigation event on Sept. 10th is currently SOLD OUT. However, we will be putting together another investigation event very soon. Stay tuned...

We have been pretty busy with private residential investigations and other important business lately. Some things we can't even discuss at this time. Hang tight. We will share when we can. We appreciate your continued support.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Fort Mifflin - July 9th

Dan and Chris will be investigating Fort Mifflin with some of the guys from Faked or Fake, GHI and a host of others on July 9th. There may still be tickets available if you are looking to investigate this haunted location. If you make it out for the event, stop up to Dan and Chris and say "Hi"!

Help save the Fort that saved America!
Buy tickets HERE.

We did catch a nice light orb that night. The movement and translucent nature of this orb makes me think this could be a spirit. There was no breeze in that room that night. I am unaware of additonal evidence caught that night to support this finding. We did not catch any other video like this that night.