Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burlington County Prison Museum - Evidence Review

Our team loves Burlington County Prison Museum. Why? Because it can turn a hard-core skeptic into a believer in under 4 hours of being there. The place never disappoints us. Going with the right group of people helps in many ways.

This brings me to a thought I had on getting good evidence... The people you are investigating with will reflect on the kind of reactions you get in a haunted location. The more positive the team of investigators are, the better reactions you get from spirits. So, always be positive when you go out. That is my opinion and it works for us.

Our guide for the night(Bill) shared some information with us as well. He said that someone had seen a confederate soldier walk through a doorway the week before. Man... what I would have paid to see that happen. Needless to say, Bill let us have the run of the place.


First off, let me say that this video blows my mind on many levels. We had just ended the investigation that night and turned the lights back on. While I was packing up equipment in the basement area, I heard a "Noooooooooo" or "Mooooooooooooveee" of some sort. This happens at the 5-6 second mark of the video. Loud enough to carry down the hall to the video camera.

Now, what makes this so special? Well, I heard the voice directly behind and to the right side of me. There was NOBODY standing behind me at all. The team was standing in front of me by the recording video camera. This has been the second time this has happened to me while investigating. The last time I heard a disembodied voice like that was at Eastern State with a "Jim Healy" talking in my ear(that time, it was the left side though)

To me, this is real-deal stuff. I heard it. I know what I heard. I know where it was. It is a personal experience backed up with a video audio recording. I love it when this happens.

On this video, you can clearly hear a whistle. It is almost like a "You who!" or "Over here!" kind of call. The best part about this is that the team was all going up the same staircase when it happened. One of the other investigators pointed this audio out on an EVP she had gotten as well. Good job Cathy!



As always, try to use isolation headphones while listening to these EVP's to hear them clearly.

First and second EVP's are amazing to me. Our investigator Cathy caught the first one while on the first floor of the museum by the warden's desk. Sounds like a spirit saying "Terry", then it sounds like a response, "Her face looks soft". Nobody on our team is named "Terry" or similar.

Second EVP happens at the 2 second mark. Sounds like a spirit saying, "Terry" again. This happened at the end of the night when we stated we were packing up for the night.
If you saw the video above, you will remember the disembodied voice saying, "Noooo" or "Moooove" which happened a few minutes after this second EVP took place.



Third EVP is of some spirit whispering "Craig" or "Chris". Trying to get our attention or relaying our names to another a spirit in the room. The EVP happens right away at the 0 second mark.

Fourth EVP sounds like "You are getting very close." Very cool EVP.

Fifth EVP is of footsteps we heard. You can hear footsteps at the 3 -4 second mark.

Sixth EVP is a spirit asking, "Who are you?" at the 7 second mark. You can also hear the spirit saying something at the 2 seond mark. This was in the warden's house which is currently being renovated.

Interested in learning more about BCP or visiting? Let us know!

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