Thursday, February 21, 2013

Team Update

The team is gearing up for some great events in the next few months. Many new investigations, events and episodes are coming your way very soon.

So, what is on the agenda as of the writing of this post? Let's take a look:

Monster Mania - Cherry Hill, NJ
This will be our second year in attendance at Monster Mania on Saturday, March 9th. Last year we had a blast and this year will be the same! Come on out and say "Hello!"

Phenomenology 105 - Gettysburg, PA
This year, we are going to be investigating General Lee's Headquarters on Thursday, March 21st. We are also going to be conducting our Junior Ghost Hunt lecture and investigation on Friday, March 22nd as well. If you are interested in signing up or attending this amazing event, please visit for more information.

ParaFest 2013 - Bethlehem, PA
Also this year, we will be attending ParaFest 2013 from September 6th - 8th in Bethlehem, PA. There looks to be a slew of horror and paranormal celebs in attendance. Considering this is going to be held at the SANDS Bethlehem Event Center makes this a must attend event. Tickets can be purchased at

We have many other events and such planned for 2013. Stay tuned for more soon!

As always, dates and appearances are subject to change without notice.

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