Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We have had a great time this year going to haunted attractions, a UFO conference and other incredibly awesome things. Thanks goes out to HORRORFEST at Shady Brook, The Haunted Prison at the Burlington County Prison Museum, Dr. UFO and Dave at the UFO Congress 2012 and many more.

We decided to drop up a few photos from all of the events we attended this season to share with everyone. Enjoy!

 UFO Conference 2012
 Here's Dave!
 Lunch 2
 Plastic visitor
 Dr. UFO with the team

 Beetlejuice! Beetljuice! Beet...!
 The claw
 Noble cause for pitbulls
 The new banner
 Rock on!
 She's behind me... isn't she.
 Huge line
 Some awesome attendees
 More event goers
 Soon to be on My Ghost Story
 Bright flash!
 Another awesome attendee
 Ummm... creepy.
 Some one lost their head
 Funnel cake!!!
 Pumpkin tree
 Dearly beloved...
 Yes. That's a hearse..
 Awesome sunset
Child of the corn!

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