Friday, May 11, 2012

Frontier Para Con 2012

This year's Frontier Para Con was held at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. Chris and Erick went out to this haunted hotel and had an amazing time. Haunted Entertainment put everything together and did an amazing job of organizing and running the event. Lara and Dan are awesome!

So, what kind of activity happened while Chris and Erick stayed at the hotel? Chris reported someone walking in his hotel room at around 3pm on Saturday afternoon. He made a video of it, but Erick and Chris have yet to release any findings.

The next event that SPR is scheduled for is in upstate New York (June 16th and 17th). We will be posting more information on this event soon!

On the road again...
The arrival
Roaming the halls
Love this staircase
Chris and the Booth bros.
Conference center #1
Conference center #2
Chris and Kale - ZTalk Radio
Erick, Lara of Haunted Entertainment and Chris
Chris and Elena getting hitched
Chris and Erick are totally speechless...
Kale and Joe hitching a ride to Denver airport with Chris and Erick

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