Thursday, March 08, 2012

Scream Paranormal Research and Xzavier

It's official... Scream Paranormal Research and Xzavier clothing have teamed up. They have some of THE best shirt designs you will ever see. (blows the crap out of Affliction in my opinion...) Some of the most awesome paranormal style designs you will see on quality made shirts.

When we approached Xzavier on their clothing line, they were extremely happy that a paranormal team jumped at the chance to wear their awesome gear. They said that they had been entertaining the idea of hooking up with a paranormal team and the timing was near perfect. So, yes, we are the first from the paranormal community to hookup with Xzavier and proud of it.

We are proud to wear this clothing line and look forward to great things with Xzavier in the future.

Here is more information on our friends at Xzavier:

Established in 2007 as a collaborative project, the vision of bringing a mix of traditional, modern and street smart designs fused together and assembled using on the highest quality materials became a reality. With this directive in place, the designers and staff have continually brought groundbreaking and fashion forward products to life. Consumers are initially drawn the lines unique look and feel but return to Xzavier for their quality and attention to detail.
Xzavier offers complete lines of tees and tops for men, women and boys. The trendsetting designs have been embraced by many communities and are worn by enthusiasts of the action sport industry, arts, and fashion as well as the hip hop club goers and urban street wear crowd.
The buzz just keeps growing with celebs, rock stars and so many more supporting the Xzavier brand!

Interested in seeing some more of their awesome designs? Check em' out HERE.

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