Thursday, March 29, 2012

Phenomenology 104

The team hit Phenomenology 104 this year and had some very interesting results during the investigations we conducted.

First we need to state for the record, when we do events like this, we are counting on each individual in attendance to be truthful and professional during the investigation. What we are about to post here is up for debate on being 100% credible. I had spoken to many different attendees about the what happened on the first night and they believe it to be authentic. Was somebody in the group falsifying evidence? Possibly... But we leave you to decide for yourself.

Friday night - Eisenhower Farmhouse (Hoffman Mansion) - Gettysburg, PA

The first night Erick, Jen, Steven and Chris investigated along with our intern, Sean. In attendance there were approximately 30 people. Pretty large group. The farmhouse has a basement, first floor, second floor, and an attic. Erick, Steven, and Sean headed to the attic straight away. While Chris and Jen, accompanied by Nini Grace stay on the first floor.

The groups were split into 3 groups. First floor, second floor and basement. Groups rotated about every hour or so. Total time the team was present was approx. 4 hours. We wanted to stay longer, but we had much to cover the next day at the event.

What had happened in the kitchen that night was pretty amazing. If someone in the attendance group was not purposely contaminating evidence, it stood out as extra ordinary.

About 1 hour in or so, 3 witnesses heard a screw being thrown in the kitchen. After about 20 minutes or so, it happened again. We found the screw on the ground and examined every light fixture, window pane, etc. to look for a source of a possible fallen screw. Everything looked fine.

During the night, this had happened 4 times. One of the items tossed around the kitchen was a nail. Very perplexing.

Another moment during the night was when Chris felt something blow heavily on the back of his neck. He turned to the attendee behind him and asked, "Did you just blow on the back on my neck?" His response was, "No. But something just blew past my ear." At best, this was a possible personal experience. Noteworthy? Sure, why not.

For the record, there was zero wind that night and the location was sealed up tightly.

Saturday night - Eisenhower Farmhouse (Hoffman Mansion) - Gettysburg, PA

The second night, we had the Junior Ghost Hunt at the same location. Investigators from our team was Chris, Steven, Jen and Sean our intern. This took place from 7-9pm and proved to be quite interesting as well. As you will see below, we had taken some amazing pictures of light anomalies through out both nights. Special thanks goes out to Nini for contributing a good amount of photos from that night as well.

I need to say for the record that the kids in attendance that night were amazing. They were so well informed about how to conduct an investigation, it blew our minds. They were all very professional and knowledgeable. We salute you!

Here are some pics from Phenomenology 104:

Chris and Erick on the road again...

Our vendor table

Chris and Bruiser... the paranormal pup.

Ryan and Erick

Steven and Lila

Team room #1

Team room #2

Light anomaly #1

First screw that was thrown in kitchen

Light anomaly #2

Face in the back window

Light anomaly #3

Light anomaly #4

Junior Ghost Hunt crew

Ryan, Rachel and Alex

This is Rachel. Ghost Hunter to the EXTREME!

We had a blast at Phenomenology 104 this year. Dana and Chris Wingerd did another amazing job of running the event. We would also like to thank Nini Grace for accompanying the team on both investigations. We look forward to seeing what Dana and Chris setup for next year. Phenomenology 105 perhaps?

We will be adding more findings and such to this post in time, so be sure to book mark it and check back on occasion.

Where are we heading to next? Why the answer to that question is...

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