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Shanley Hotel Evidence Review - Sept. 10th, 2011

First off, if we were to sum up the Shanley Hotel in one word, it would be the word "awesome". Not only did we have personal experiences during our walk-through, but the entire night had some pretty questionable and crazy moments. Disembodied footsteps and voices was witnessed by many during the investigation.

During the walk-through, our guide Gina (Team Shanley) told us that the Shanley Hotel sits on top of the "perfect storm" of paranormal locations. Limestone, quartz, and running water underneath the location make a perfect conduit for paranormal activity. Out timing for this event was 1 day before a full harvest moon as well. Which most know can enhance paranormal activity on many levels due to the magnetic pull on the earth.

Another noteworthy point to make is during the walk-through, Gina was getting major goose bump activity on her arm and Chris (Scream Paranormal) felt as though his right arm was grabbed in the Rose Room. What made the arm grab unique, was that Chris reported his arm to appear feeling wet after the personal experience. Gina immediately chimed in to report that Rosie (A child spirit at the Shanley) had drowned in the well outside. Could this have been Rosie reaching out for attention?

Evidence Review


During the walk-through, the team took a series of shots that appeared to vary in exposure. Considering this was done on an iPhone without exposure control, shows some interesting anomalies. Almost like mist appears in front of the camera from time to time. This happened continuously throughout our walk-through.

Here is an example:

Here is another interesting photo pulled off one of our IR cams. Though we are not 100% convinced this is a spirit face in this photo, it is interesting enough to share. You decide.


Here is an interesting one picked up by one of our team members. Sounds like a squeak or whistle coming from the adjacent room.
Click HERE to listen.

During a divining rod session in the main bar area, we encountered what seems to be a whisper response.
Click HERE to listen.

This one stands out as an interesting EVP as well. Sound like "There's something..." or "There's someone..." which was picked up by the investigator during the session.
Click HERE to listen.


This response was caught up in Jonathan's room at the Shanley. After isolating the audio, we could hear a response of "yes" or "yeah" when asked the question in the video below. Use headphones for best results.

If you listened to the EVP video clip above, you heard EVP #3. Here is a video that picked up the same EVP as the audio did. Awesome validation...

We would like to thank Dave Jones from Para X Radio for helping us setup the Para X Vision broadcast. We had a few glitches, but overall we prevailed. Thanks also to everyone for tuning in for our first LIVE broadcast from a haunted location. In time, we will work towards getting a setup where we can roam the location LIVE for all to see. Stay tuned for more on this at a later date.

Very special thanks to Sal and Team Shanley for making us feel welcome. Not only is this location awesome to investigate, but the owner and his team do a great job of treating you as family. Now we know why other teams keep going back to the Shanley and call it their second home. We will definitely be back investigating the Shanley as soon as we can fit it into our schedule.

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