Monday, May 02, 2011

Eastern State Penitentiary Event Evidence Review

Well, we had an amazing time at our Eastern State Penitentiary event on April 8th. It was a nasty, rainy night, and the temperature was around 45 degrees, but everyone's spirit was positive and determined. This event was sold out with more than 40 people in total attendance. We were highly impressed by all of the attendees/investigators and their attention to detail that night. Our hats go off to you.

As always, ESP did not disappoint. We encountered shadow people, caught great EVP's and even an ecto worm made itself known. We have had a lot going on with the team lately(We will hopefully reveal the details soon.) and have finally collected our evidence to share with everyone.

The team setup up groups in 3 major locations. Death row, cell block 12, and cell block 4. With our resident medium(Richard Braconi Jr.) on board, we were able to get some amazing responses throughout the night.

Ecto Worm

Most of those that have been out to investigate the paranormal in the past know that ecto worms and apparitions are hard to catch on video. It takes patients and determination to get that kind of evidence. Most of the leading TV shows airing today find it difficult to obtain this kind of footage as well.

The SPR team was able to capture one of the best ecto worms I have ever seen on video. Here it is for all to see:

Mist in Death Row

Death Row was extremely active the night of our investigation. Pay attention to behind the gate. Having the right team members makes all the difference:

Figure on the Wall

One of the attendees sent us this amazing photo of what appears to be a figure on the left wall. With the comparison shot, you can clearly make out the silhouette of a figure:


The one thing we love the most about ESP is the great EVP's we collect from the location. Here are a few highlights from that evenings investigation.


Investigator: "What's your name?"

???: "Edward" (wispy voice)

Investigator: "I heard you, what did you say?"

Click Here to Listen

After asking a series of questions, the team received this response on audio.

Tell It To Him:

Investigator: "Sure.."

???: "Tell it to him"

Investigator: "He can stay in the cell, I don't care."

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