Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mount Holly Library Evidence Review

Let me start by saying this investigation was a great example of what happens when you think nothing is going on during an investigation... but actually does.

During our time at Mount Holly Library, all was quiet. Too quiet. It seemed like the spirits there did not want to converse with us, interact, etc. It almost seemed, pardon the pun... dead. We ended up conducting the investigation to the best of our ability and left the location with many doubts about it's past activity.

Sure. There were reports that a young girl fell through a banister and died in the house years back. Some people have claimed to see the little girl during story time in the children's room of the library. She would peer her head in the doorway to listen to the story from time to time(Yes.. yes. Our investigator named Sue read the story of Sleeping Beauty during the investigation while we kept close eye on that doorway). The little girl was named Cornelia.

But was Cornelia's spirit there? Were any other spirits still hanging around?

One experience I had during the story reading was kind of odd. During the story, I got up to visit the side rooms. As I was walking into the adjacent room, I was taking MEL meter readings of the room and window. When I moved towards the back window, it seemed like a cat had jumped off the chair that was next to me. It startled me at first. Made a loud thump on the floor right next to me. Was that the spirit of Cornelia? Or maybe even a spirit of a cat? It was pretty loud. Of course, as soon as I heard this I called for another team member to come in and help me take readings of the room. But at that time, all was quiet.

So, did we get any evidence? Sure did. Even though the EVP's are low, with isolation headphones, we could make out the following:


First EVP was captured by our investigators Cathy and Sue. We had split up into 2 teams to cover multiple floors at the same time. We kept aware of our distances between each group and it went rather well. This EVP is rather low. Here it is:

Investigator: "Are you next to me?"

???: "Yes... I am standing near you." - 7 second mark

Click HERE to listen.

Second EVP was recorded on the second floor in the second group. Almost sounds like "Touch it" to me:

Investigator: "Just have to walk by that little green light, right in front of Chris and we'll know you're here."

???: "Touch it" - 7 second mark

Click HERE to listen.

Third one is pretty awesome in my opinion. Again this is Cathy and Sue conducting the EVP session:

Investigator: "They say if the rods cross, there apart of a presence. Can you straighten the rods out?"

???: "I'm trying" - 6 second mark

Click HERE to listen.

Some of them are low in the recording. But if you crank the volume and use isolation headphones, you can make them out fairly easy.


This first series of photos was taken by our investigator, Sue. She encountered weird light anomalies throughout the night at various locations. Click on any of the photos to make them larger.

The first image is of a standard orb. The thing that makes this orb interesting is that it is in the exact location from which Cornelia fell to her death many years previously. The broken banister is still in disrepair and only roped off.

Second image is of a following light source Sue encountered throughout the night in various photos. Here is a 'with' and 'without' shot.

Our other investigator Cathy took some interesting photos as well. First 'without'...
Now 'with'...

We did not see any bugs or find much dust in the location. The team did a thorough job during the investigation. Great job as always.

So, never doubt your evidence in the field until you verify. You could end up with some great findings.

We have some great investigations coming up. Burlington County Prison, private residentials, Eastern State Penitentiary on April 8th, etc. It's going to be a great year for paranormal investigating...

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