Friday, November 19, 2010

Up & Coming

People have recently emailed us questions, "When is your next investigation?", "Do you guys do residential investigations?" or "Can I go with you guys on an investigation?"

Here are the answers to those questions and a bit more...

"When is your next investigation?" - We currently have an investigation scheduled on Nov. 27th for an extremely old library, an investigation Dec. 10th at Burlington County Prison, residential investigations we are scheduling, a lecture in the works, and many other things on our plate at the moment. We also have been in negotiations with many different locations, publications, television/radio shows, etc. After the holidays, expect to see some pretty cool events and such with the SPR team.

"Do you guys do residential investigations?" - Absolutely. We are currently working on setting up a few residential investigations in the next few weeks or so. Keep in mind though, all residential investigations are kept strictly confidential.

"Can I go with you guys on an investigation?" - Sure. We have setup public investigations that people can sign up for every other month or so. We have a few big events lined up for Spring 2011 that I know many of you would love to experience. These amazing events will be local to the tri-state area and require a nominal fee paid to the investigation location. Stay tuned for more as we get things confirmed...

I hope these are the answers some of you were looking for. Have other questions for us? Please send all inquiries to:

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