Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Important Team Update

What have we been up to? Well, to be honest, we have been trying to keep off the radar due to the fact that we have been told on numerous occasions from producers that we were over saturating ourselves with videos, photos, and other forms of media. So, we slowed down sharing our stories, videos, etc. due to this reason.

Let it be known that the SPR team is currently being looked at for a new TV show yet again. This new show really seems to match our investigative style extremely well. Hopefully we will have more information on this new show in the next few months. Thanks to everyone for the continued support.

On a side note, if things don't work out as planned this time around, we are going to continue our pursuits and share as much as we possibly can with everyone in the near future. New investigations, new first hand reports... everything. Our main goal has always been to share as much as we can with the paranormal community. Either way, we are ramping up for something extremely awesome in the near future. Stay tuned!